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The money is made the planning

While no one plans to fail, our experience is that without a well thought out plan for the business, carefully implemented and regularly monitored, the chances are that a business will indeed fail, or at best not achieve its full potential. Through our well defined process we will lead the practice through the various steps to ensure it has the plan it needs to address its most pressing business issues.   The steps include Pre work - your practice will be benchmarked against colleagues and peers, feedback sought from clients and staff as well as each principal.  A one day planning workshop facilitated by a Business Health principal - the results of the pre work will be considered, issues identified and actions agreed. A draft business plan will be prepared. 'Progress to plan' follow up will occur through regular monitoring.
  • A clearly documented plan for your business - defined actions with stipulated 'owners' and timeframes.
  • Regular follow up by Business Health - accountability per action/owner. A mix of phone and 'face to face' by a Business Health principal.
WHY GO TO THE EFFORT?   The very essence of what you do is planning - you provide not only a clear direction for your clients but also the defined steps they need to take to achieve their personal goals. Doesn't it make sense that you do the same for your own business? According to our consolidated HealthCheck data base, those practices which operate through a well documented business plan are achieving a significantly higher level of profit (+131%) when compared to those which don't.