CATScan Client Survey

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What do your clients really think?

The CATScan is an independent client survey facility, conducted by Business Health on behalf of the practice. It is available in printed and email format.   It asks nine specific questions while further gathering a range of qualitative data from your clients such as willingness to refer (their adviser) and future intentions (do they intend to stay with your practice or leave). It takes clients on average around 15 minutes to complete, while all feedback remains strictly confidential. The average response rate is around 35%.
WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE?   You will receive a practical, easy-to-digest and honest appraisal of how your business is performing as seen through the eyes of your most valued clients. The report will further benchmark your nine KPI areas against our overall data base (40,000+ clients). As well, the qualitative responses will be reported while every client comment is also captured, verbatim, and fed back to you. Over time, you will have a valuable tool for tracking your performance and measuring client satisfaction levels.   ALREADY PURCHASED?   OPTIMIZING THE CATSCAN CLIENT SURVEY
WHY GO TO THE EFFORT?   If you believe your clients are your greatest asset (as well as your most important critics) why wouldn't you want to know how satisfied they are with your service offer?