Optimizing the CATScan client survey tool

The following tips are provided to help you maximise the benefits of a client survey.

  •    1. Before you undertake any client survey, be prepared to listen to and accept the feedback which will be given.
  •    2. Information is collected on a strictly confidential and anonymous basis, allowing your clients to give honest feedback.
  •    3. Your results will be benchmarked against relevant peers.
  •    4. While ratings are nice, in our experience, it’s very often the free-form comments from clients that provide the most insight.
  •    5. Only seek feedback from clients whose opinions you want and respect.
  •    6. Give yourself plenty of time between surveys, to respond and act upon your clients’ feedback.
  •    7. Don’t be afraid to leverage your results (assuming they’re good!) by sharing them with referral partners and centres of influence. Not to mention your staff and potential clients.
  •    8. Contact everyone who received your survey, thank them for their time and validate their feedback by telling them what might be changing as a result.
  •    9. Consider incorporating a client satisfaction rating into the KPIs of your staff.
  •    10. Remember you are already ahead, clients appreciate being asked for their opinion - and 70% of Australian practices don’t seek feedback.