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Are your clients prepared?

The Estate Planner is an innovative Web-based diagnostic designed to help your clients better understand their estate planning situation, while also providing opportunities for you. The Estate Planner provides a professional, comprehensive report to your clients and prospects on the level of preparedness of their estate plan, including useful explanations, general commentary and suggested actions for you and your client to consider. It is designed to provide information and drive the client to seek advice from you, or from other professionals in your network.  
WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE?   You will receive a customized URL to place on your website, in your newsletters, or email directly to clients and prospects. Unlimited access, with an unlimited number of Estate Planner reports, for as many of your clients and prospects as you need, provides both opportunities and value. Each report is customized to include your business name and/or an individual adviser name (provided by XYZ). You will instantly receive a copy of every Estate Planner Report as and when each report is completed by your clients/prospects.   WHAT WILL YOUR CLIENT/PROSPECT RECIEVE?   An individual, customised report on their estate planning preparedness.   ALREADY PURCHASED?   OPTIMIZING THE ESTATE PLANNER TOOL
WHY GO TO THE EFFORT?   The combination of an aging client base and a distinct unpreparedness amongst Australians in general have led us to believe that there are numerous business opportunities for advisers who wish to grab the estate planning initiative while this situation remains.   The Estate Planner seeks to both inform and educate clients on the current state of their estate planning. As such it may very well uncover opportunities for new or existing clients to make sure their current estate plan provides everything they want, and allows the adviser to provide the advice and direction needed to get the right outcome for the client.   To purchase a 12 month unlimited subscription for your business, contact us on 02 9518 6966 or