Optimizing the Estate Planner tool

The following tips have been provided by some of the most successful users of the Estate Planner tool.

  •    1. Make the Estate Planner an integral part of the client engagement process.
  •    2. Ensure your CRM is assiduously maintained with up-to-date information such as; date of the Will, powers of attorney and contact details of named executors.
  •    3. Keep a copy of the client’s latest Will and other relevant documentation in your office or online storage facility.
  •    4. Develop a panel of referral solicitors to whom you can refer your clients for their specific estate planning needs.
  •    5. Meet with the lawyer and the client in YOUR office.
  •    6. Direct your marketing campaigns to demographics that are most receptive to the topic of estate planning ie. 55+ years old, second marriage etc.
  •    7. Provide your Estate Planner link to your various centres of influence, they can offer Estate Planner to their clients (and complete it for themselves).
  •    8. Control the number of invitations/links to your Estate Planner that are sent out at any given time.
  •    9. Regularly incorporate Estate Planning articles or general commentary into your standard communications, add them to your website and so on.
  •    10. Build the Estate Planner service into your website, as an “at our cost” tool.