Optimizing your HealthCheck report

Since the launch of this benchmarking tool, many hundreds of practices have ‘HealthChecked’ their business. Here are our top tips for optimizing its use:

  •    1. Don’t take any ‘Poor Health’ results too hard. Rather, view them as opportunities.
  •    2. While it’s natural to want to focus on the ‘poorer’ results, sometimes it’s better to focus more on your strengths.
  •    3. Pay particular attention to the commentary which accompanies each result – it is based on experience and observations gained over many years and contains lots of ideas too.
  •    4. Focus on one or two areas at a time. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fix up everything at once.
  •    5. The HealthCheck provides you with a snapshot in time, making it the perfect platform for your annual business planning activity.
  •    6. The HealthCheck is a great diagnostic to complement business valuation and succession planning.
  •    7. Share the results with your partners and key staff. After all, these results are theirs too.
  •    8. The HealthCheck Report is quite long, allocate sufficient ‘quiet time’ to read through and consider its implications for your business. It might even be easier to read it one section at a time (there are 5 in all).
  •    9. Finally, like all sensible health regimes, make an annual HealthCheck part of your business routine so you can track progress over time.