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Why reinvent the wheel?

Business Health has developed an extensive range of support tools that can be used to address specific areas of concern within a practice. For example, business planning, establishing advisory boards, segmenting a client base and writing position descriptions for key staff. Easy to read and self explanatory, they are ideal 'self help'.   These can be made available to your network (courtesy of yourself) and can be further customised and/or badged to reflect the network.   Of course, providing access to any tool doesn't automatically result in increased profitability or efficiency for the practice. The skill is knowing when to introduce the right tool and how to leverage it into dollars. That's why Business Health will work with your practices and/or management team to ensure implementation as maximum effect.
WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE?   Comprehensive and practical guides on implementing important business practices.
WHY GO TO THE EFFORT?   You will be providing your network with valuable practice development support - a clear demonstration of your value proposition.