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How 'healthy' is your network ...really?

AT THE PRACTICE LEVEL   The practices which comprise your network are rightly proud of what they have built to date and, while recognizing the marketplace forces at play today, most are now looking to take their business to its next level. They are well and truly on a ‘journey’ and while many intuitively know what has to be done to get them there, most don’t know the best way to achieve their end game. In fact, it’s difficult for most practices to identify the key indicators and measure ‘best practice’, for example; in a business similar to mine, what is the standard ratio of support staff to advisers? What is the average level of practice profitability? Is my practice performing better or worse than others in terms of growth/attrition rates over the past 12 months? How does my client satisfaction level compare to my peers, not only from within my own dealer but also to ‘external’ firms? How often should staff meetings be held? And so it goes on.
WHAT DO WE PROVIDE?   In addition to providing your practices with tangible, valuable business support, we will provide you with an overall summary of your practices' results and, where appropriate, a comparison to other licensee networks.   Consequently you will receive an unbiased, objective response for when practices ask - why should we stay with or join you?   AT THE MANAGEMENT LEVEL   Through our PD Scan diagnostic we are able to survey your advisor network on a confidential, objective and independent basis. What do they really think about the support they receive from your management team? How does it compare (overall as well as on an individual manager level) to your competitors?
WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE?    You will receive a fully customized report accompanied by a personal debrief for your management team. Individual and corporate results will be provided, based on the aggregated/consolidated input from your network.   Systemic or thematic issues will be highlighted, alongside practical suggestions and possible actions which you may want to consider. The quantitative report can be used to leverage an area of strength or mitigate a potential weakness.   Conducted regularly, you will have a valuable tool for tracking performance and measuring your network's satisfaction levels.   WHY GO TO THE EFFORT?   Given the importance of your practices and advisors, it's hard to argue against seeking feedback from your network on a regular basis. And, in fact, we're sure most of your competitors undertake some form of feedback process. What we can of course provide is the element of independence and consequently the ability to benchmark your group against the industry at large.